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Love runs out

 new song of the day first time I ever heard it by the group one republic till the love runs out .How appropriate. Here’s hoping your love doesn’t run happy and loving  


It’s a new day and i wake up to death and destruction on the news and Donald Sterling . It’s time to turn on some music have a cup of tea or coffee and be thankful for what you have.So on your jouney of life be safe and be happy .until we meet again it’s happy trails to you.

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It’s a new day and if I’m not moving I don’t have a lot of new adventures.ill be in Pueblo Co for the summer .I guess I’ll have to start a Marijuana investment club.100.00 a month at the end of a year you receive 2 lbs in your portfolio.depending on laws in your state you can have it or sell it on the wholesale market two lbs could bring 2400.00 that means you double your money.Better than wall street no commissions either let me know what you think? Until we meet again it’s happy trails to you.

What’s up

It’s a new day and we all are trying to get to that destination.for now this show  is brought to you by Pueblo Colorado the new frontier.makeing history out west for now I’m a pioneer and I’m going to get in on this gold rush I’m going to make my claim so until we meet again happy trails to you

4/20 the new holiday

It’s a new day and a new holiday Only in Denver to recognize the first activists Traditional pot holiday.  Now it is to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana. As the states legalize it the holiday will spread with it this is just the beginning  so happy trails to you until we meet again.  

on the road of life

It’s a new day ever thought I would experience walking into a Store that sold Marijuana.I did today . In fact they had a line out the door.Old and young I was early so I got in and out fast what fun it was looking at all that pot. By the time I was done shopping I left with 3.5grs and it cost 35.00 and they put it in a 4in tall medicine bottle. That could last me a while high quality shit man like Chong might say so until we meet again happy trails to you on your road of life

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