What’s your story

It’s a new day in calif Bob and Mary have news on the Parker 425 already getting comments.  One wrote you lucky dog . So send the camera crew to to the 425. That’s going to have to be Bob and send us lots of pics .And Send A Camera Crew To THE Mardin grass in Dauphin island  lots happening this weekend. Got to go


Mardi gras schedule

To days show brought to you by Dauphin Island. If  your living in any parks or campgrounds your not that far away  .It’s not easy full time rv ing you still have to make decisions ,tough decisions .The parade Saturday Feb 1 p m  Kreme De Las Dauphin Parade Dauphin Iland. To go or not to go  .That is the question? That not the only decision you have to make .Do I do the laundry or go to a resale shop , I like shopping  I could just buy a new out fit.sounds like more fun than laundry .decisions decisions decisions    do I stop for coffee or not?  It’s a new day 

Why blog

It’s a new day and I’m blogging away 50 or more by now . I’m going to watch it grow .I’m going to feed it every day .Blogging is relaxing and it gives me someone to talk with .Chad doesn’t listen and if you need someone to talk to there’s always your blog .So if you ever had a wife or husban,that never listened your blog listens.you have got to he heard.this show has been brought to you by WordPress where I got my start.happy trails to you.

50 posts

I just a congratulations on writing 50 posts on my blog. So I hope that is good for the reality show full time r v ing. Because I want all you old timers don’t sit around  waiting for the kids to put you in a old folks home .Take that money get a motor home  roll your windows down and cruise every little farm town. This show brought to you by 1996 Boulder 34 ft mother home -youtubeImage

I’m back

Today’s show is brought to you by it doesn’t matter where we take this road.as long as we go somewhere.The full time r v ing  show . So far we have Bob and Mary  in calif Dan and  Dian  ,Tom and April and myself in fla. We will continue growing  and sImagepreading all over the United states until we meet again happy trails to you

High43and sunny

It’s a new day 623 just starting to get light out.Really tired of being inside I now realize next year I won’t be in Pensacola in Jan . I might start out early in Nov go south to Pensacola then as it started getting to cold head west towards California .Because I like being able to ride my bike walk sit by the fire with friends .I don’t like being cold any moore. I beleave the worst is behind me good weather ahead.time for a coffee break .