fulltime RV-N

I’m watching direct tv —cnn news so this part of my show is called the news I just heard  about a rod someone said –drugs are part of the game because the players work so hard  .Do they work harder than  any of construction retirees are out here traveling the parks .Some of us when Boeing wants the job done we work 12 hour days 7 days a week to get the job done so I would say baseball players have it pretty good don’t understand why you all are millionaires and we aren’t .think about that and let me know what you think I’ll try and put it on the show I want this show to be our show I want all all of our stories told .All of us are retired professionals .Some are 70 80 years young. If anybody has a story they do we have artist living among us .I’ve met photographers- truck drivers -person who manged a library – construction worker and many more we all have worked hard.Just wanted everyone to to know –The story of their lives so if you have to travel all night I’ll see you out here living in these beautiful state parks 






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