It’s a new day

Just story if I add pictures it will be at the end.Met two new friends Patrick and Anthony. Patrick recently purchased a diesel pusher . Patrick has gone through a liver transplant and doing well . Anthony is a college student ,they took it it out for a drive  –and been camping out ever since .The moterhome was parked by Patricks mom’s house well they haven’t made it home yet . Patricks next trip is going to be to Disney World with his family. Have fun wish I was going maybe next time. 

Out walking and met Ray And Teresa two volunteers picking up trash. Teresa said they spend winters down south and go to Colorado in the summer. Colorado sounds like a good place to live in the summer. I have pictures of them on my face book page if I don’t get to put them on my blog you can go to my face book page. Also have pictures of Tom another volunteer giving a 80 year young lady a ride on his new victory moter cycle.  I did try to pitch my idea for a reality show to  public television .They had something about a grant for helping veterans somehow .I suggested getting a moterhome and a job as a camp worker and helping the vets get their lives back together.they done so much for our country that would jusImageImaget be one way to thank them.its 630 in the morning time for a coffee break .Till I see you agin



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