It’s a new day

I’m blogging away and every day I find something new at I’ve found three different formats to put a title and write a story .Don’t known where they all go ,but I feel most comfortable with this one. 

Today Patrick and Anthony invited me to go to the board walk with them.Off we went in the diesel pusher.Looks like to me its built on a bus frame.Lots of fun .Anthony is 25 and he’s our driver I believe he’s enjoying driving this big rig .So off we go driving down  the beach road towards the boardwalk.We stop at the Dock bar and grill  on the casino beach boardwalk. Walk in and it was cool right on the beach.I could just .I could only imagine what it’d be like in the summer all the guys and gals having  fun .If I had grown up here this would have been my hang out .We had some drinks and took some pictures. They invited us back to a pajama party coming up. Breakfast and champagne one price.Hope to see you there. Next we drove down the beach road to Walmart  commercial break now back to the show.Took the long way around but it was beautiful. At  the end we ended up on the main road  headed for Walmart .Next Patrick wanted to stop at a resale shop,Anthony makes a u – turn pulls on the side of the road and we all pile out and go shopping. With all the half million dollar beach houses you can imagine the nice clothes they have. Anthony picked up some shirts then off to Walmart .Picked up a rotisserie chicken and Caesar salad dog leashes then drove back home to Fort pickens .Had a good dinner with Google friends good day in all .Hope your day was as good.  Your gonna miss me when I’m gone


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