It’s a new day

And it’s time to get back to the show so roll   your windows down and let’s take a Cruise down the back roads .To our national and state parks I’ll see you night our show is brought to you by my galaxy note 3 because with out you i couldn’t do this show.Its424am can’t sleep  this show is about all of you full time RV-N  whether in a tent or a moterhome.

The campground is filling up for the week end with the weekend warrior One group was Celebrating  a young man going in the service .very polite group of people. Let’s get back to the beginning of the day .nice and sunny you needed a jacket early .I left my extra dish stand out with a 1500 price and a man walking by needed it .so that worked out good.later Tom came over to see if I wanted to go to the fle market. So he didn’t have to ask twice. I’ll try to add some pics at the  end .I’m worried if I add a pic now I might not be able to get back.or I would add them in the story line  hopefully I’ll figure it out.At the market they had produce – a couple had a small donut making machine and coffee booth-eletronics- auto parts you name it.April buys donuts with powder sugar and glaze. They didn’t last very Tom selling some fish hook his dad gave him .The Tom gets 3 lbs of shrimp for dinner and invites me over.By the time I get home  it’s time to take a nap .7pm  went to Tom aImagend April’s we put the shrimp on the grill April had some in the oven stuffed with crab meat .you know the end of that story. Went home stuffed myself.untill we meet again


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