It’s a new day

trying to figure out this blog   I’was trapped in one part  I had to write in a  continuous line  not like this format also  it had the word excerpt so I looked that up on my pad  how cool wish I had this in school   .It said a line from a  radio station Broadcast so I put down angels must fly and tried to click on something to send it somewhere but I don’t think it went anywhere.i felt trapped so finally pressed the button on the bottom of phone then swiped it off my scresn I know it’s somewhere on the phone  I just don’t know where then went to Google asked for my blog then went to history on menu finial back to the only place I feel Comfortable with this blog .I’m starting to think I’m in a website and I don’t know anything else but this this part well that’s the story and I’m sticking to it see you in one of our state parks    

Puuuuusssssshhhhhhhh——publish post


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