It’s a new day blog

I’ve recently started blogging and its as confusing as ever .There seems to be lots of places to send it. Facebook is easy  next I learned to send it to Google+ And i click on twitter but I don’t really know how to tweet and don’t know what hash tag means.  So it is a learning experience like learning to work my phone. It all takes time  and I’m going to have to think on that .Because that is what I have left  a short time and I want to live like I’m dieing so until we meet again happy trails to you Image


Rocky Bayou

It’s a new day and I woke up in rock bayou state park in Niceville florida.More wooded than fort Pickens Two completely different settings but both have beautiful beaches and lots of history behind them . I will try and put pics on face book later it’s raining so I decided to stay in and  blog listen to music get ideas and stories.Like a Dr Seuss quotation-today is your day your mountain is waiting so get on your way And how did it get so late so soon?This part of the show brought to you by Florida’s beautiful state parks.

directv and latenight

It a new day and today’s show is brought to you by directv.i love being able to tape Jimmy Fallon on late night TV and tape a movie while I sleep. I fall a sleep early so the next morning  I can zip through the commercials while having my coffee. How sweet it is already 64 and overcast.Expecting rain later  I took some pics of a mid 70’sRV they are on my Facebook Craig Schaffnit.Its easier to put pics on my face book than my blog don’t know why but it is so please ck it out.I saw two older Toyota mother homes I’m going to try and get pics of them and some info I’ll let you know  right now I’m going to watch Jimmy Fallon so happy trails to you until we meet agin.




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healthiest foods

It’s a new day and it’s time to take care of your  body its the only one were going to get. So today’s show is brought to you by oatmeal .oatmeal is just about the best breakfasts and any time of the day  snack recommended by the reflux diet it’s filling and doesn’t cause reflux. Salad is a primary meal for acid refluxers. Bananas make a good snack melon is  good for acid reflux. That’s a start can’t hurImaget and it tastes good . salmon is good for your heart and brain . Eat healthy and lower problems with diabetes .I need some coffee so until we meet again happy trails to you

snake handling preacher dies

It’s a new day  today’s reality show is brought to you by Snake bite serum keep it close you never know when you might be in church and need it. Well we have an open spot for our reality show .nobody in our show dies  and you get to meet new reality stars like Alan and Irene down from canada.I got to hear about his helicopters his job as a pilot see his classic diesel pusher meet his wife Irene which works as a RN.What nice people .Two More characters in its a new day reality show last I heard  Alan and irene were in Alabama just south of Birmingham having good weather and no problems .that’s good because on the way down they had a blowout.what an ordeal I would of loved to have that for the show.maybe he will tell the story for us to all enjoy .it’s early and I need some coffee until we meet again its happy trails to you.

Fort pickens

It’s a new day at Fort pickens I met Al and Irene from Canada driving a 89 diesel side walnut cabinets. Nice is a retired pilot Irene still working a rn.nice people one of als toys at home is a 1952 helicopter like on mash how cool is that. While visiting Al brought out his home made vodka and we had bloody marry .then he showed me one of his quad copters and flew it at the picnic table I have a video on face book what a good show today .And it’s all brought to you by WordPress and face book Happy trails to you until we meet agin