snake handling preacher dies

It’s a new day  today’s reality show is brought to you by Snake bite serum keep it close you never know when you might be in church and need it. Well we have an open spot for our reality show .nobody in our show dies  and you get to meet new reality stars like Alan and Irene down from canada.I got to hear about his helicopters his job as a pilot see his classic diesel pusher meet his wife Irene which works as a RN.What nice people .Two More characters in its a new day reality show last I heard  Alan and irene were in Alabama just south of Birmingham having good weather and no problems .that’s good because on the way down they had a blowout.what an ordeal I would of loved to have that for the show.maybe he will tell the story for us to all enjoy .it’s early and I need some coffee until we meet again its happy trails to you.


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