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I like this its getting easier. The characters are real the content is real .they are individuals and families with life styles and professions that are real and interesting and fun to watch every week  sounds like the travel channel should pick this up as a reality show free ad travel channel .I love watching it  es

ecially when it’s about traveling the united states. So much to see .getting back to the show people live in tents cars vans trailers moterhome and this story is about that some of the travelers are called workampers  they work for money and free stays in the parks  so you can stay in the most beautiful part of our country  for very little money.im new to all of this so as I interview campers and learn I will pass this on to you  some of you setting at home doing nothing might want to come join us at the beautiful beaches at Fort pickens where I live  walk the board walk  visit the sites .see the fort  you  get the national parks and federal recreational lands pass and all this only costs 1300 dollars a night. Unless you volunteer like Tom bass wife April dog Lola cat tigg.tom helps by working at the fort and he told me he is going to get to work at the Confederate fort across the bay in pensacola  sounds like fun  I’m trying to film him as he travels in his work if I figure out how to ad pics I will for now they are on my face book page craig schaffnit chadster49@gmail.com you’re going to miss me while I’m gone


It’s a new day full time rv-n

I think I’m getting somewhere this is the first time that I’ve got a page to write on  with a title good I was just watching cnn on my new directv  seeing an ad for traveling around the world .If you can’t travel the world you can travel the safest place in the world the united state  national and state parks they are like a gated  community.every night gates are locked and you are given a code  to open gate if you are out enjoying the nightlife of the  city your in.   At Fort pickens where I am living they are working on new bathroom and showers the older ones are fine and have been told by a retired veteran you can take a hot shower as long as you want  plenty of hot water can’t get that on cable. Or at home This has been easier now that I’m to this point easy to correct to the best of my Knowledge. I’m not a good writer but bear with me .Hope you will get the point  .going to see what I do next what I click on to send this where ever it goes in the clouds????? 

You’ll going to  miss me while lo gone

full time Rv-nnn