Talk dirty to me

Can’t wait to roll in the dirtImage



It’s a new day in Branson and it’s raining and Goin to turn cold . when I turned TV on someone  was interviewing Pharrell Williams  he did the song happy .Seems like a nice kid so today’s show is brought to you by back to todays news.First marijuana  vending machines for consumers unveiled in Colorado that reminds me of cheech and chong up in to all you pad hippies out there until I see you again it’s happy trails to you.Image

Day Dreamer

I only  know where this journey begins time will  tell where it ends.its a new dawn a new  day and I’m feeling good.Tuesday I will start my way to Colorado. What an adventure all my life I’ve been taking care of everybody else now it’s my time..Happy trails to you until we meet again. 

easy rv remodel

It’s a new day met lory this week end she drove up from Springfield in a 93 class a she had just bought for 5 grand low mileage great buy.Now she wants to remodel it.From my experience I use lightweight materials like paint even looks good on old wallpaper or re wallpaper over top of old. Allso use colored tape and plastic ceiling tiles both glue on easy. Any material from old drapes to blue jeans you can staple or glue on wall anImaged good luck and until we meet again it’s happy trails to you

Branson mo

It’s a new day  today’s  show is brought to you by fun and adventure .And if you don’t like fun and adventure you can stay home and work on the house or lawn that’s fun but I’ve done that for 40 years.its time to retire from all that work and heart attack stuff.It should all have a label on it that says it’s bad for your health like cigarettes! I’ll take some pictures later and  post  them so be happy.until we meet again happy trails to you.

full time Rv-nnn